Turkish, Nigerian investors gather for food safety conference

Turkiye doesn’t just want to sell to Africa, it wants to help, says event organizer

Turkish and Nigerian investors came together on Monday for the Africa Food Safety Congress in the Turkish capital Ankara.

The organizers, Window of Turkiye, held sessions on agriculture, livestock, trade, industry, energy, contraction, construction, finance, health and development

Hasan Sert, a senior member of Turkiye’s ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party, said Ankara gained significant ground in Africa in civil and diplomatic fields.

He recalled Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had visited 32 African countries.

“We do our best to establish and strengthen relations with Africa through a win-win cooperation,” he said.

“We will use the important advantage of cooperation between ourselves and Africa on many issues such as defense, education, management as well as food security,” he added.

Baraa Alsasa, the CEO of Window of Turkiye, said the main target is contributing to food safety.

For this, cooperation is needed with governments, organizations and NGOs, he said.

Turkiye does not just want to sell to Africa; it wants to help Africa on some issues,such as technology transfer, he said.

“Turkiye is ready, that’s why we want to talk to governments to create technology transfer,” Alsasa said.

He further said Africa has large agricultural areas which are open to investment.

Creating a road map is the main thing in solving problems, he added.


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