Turkish scholar to lead Arctic restoration project

A Turkish scholar has been selected as the leader of a Russian initiative aimed at restoring Arctic areas damaged by climate change.

Professor Orhan İnce from Istanbul Technical University will conduct the “TerrArctic project,” led by the Tümen State University in Russia, which seeks to examine the carbon cycle in the soil and vegetation in and around the Arctic, and to develop practical methods for restoring areas damaged by overgrazing and other land use practices.

In a statement to daily Hürriyet, İnce emphasized the significant ecological problems in the polar region caused by climate change.

“There is ecological destruction around the world, both from human activities and natural systems. The glacial zone is also affected by this destruction, and the melting of the glaciers is causing the land used by humans to cease to be suitable for agriculture,” İnce explained.

“The protection of the Arctic is important for restoring areas that have been destroyed and ecologically degraded. Because this is the heart of the world. If we lose the poles,we lose the world.”

He further elaborated on the future implications of neglecting the Arctic, noting, “In 2050, we expect the world population to be 12 billion. Naturally, we need animal and vegetable agricultural products and clean water. The Arctic region is where all of these are knotted.”

İnce also warned about the potential health risks associated with glacial melting.

“In addition, the melting of glaciers will expose dangerous pathogenic organisms that were trapped in glaciers hundreds of thousands of years ago. This could set the stage for global pandemics with the spread of viruses that our immune system does not recognize.”

“With the work we will do, we can reverse the destruction in region,” he added, concluding his remarks.

Source: hurriyetdailynews

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