Turkish start-up company’s Robogait to export robotic system to the US

BAMA Technology has become one of the first 4 manufacturers worldwide to produce in this field with the RoboGait walking rehabilitation robot.

Contributing to the treatment of walking difficulties in Turkey and Europe with the RoboGait walking rehabilitation robot, BAMA Technology opened the door to exports to the US.

According to the information obtained by the AA reporter, BAMA Technology, operating in METU Technopolis, has been conducting R&D studies on robotic rehabilitation systems since 2010.

BAMA Technology, the first and only local manufacturer established in Ankara in this field, has become one of the first 4 manufacturers worldwide to produce in this field with the RoboGait walking rehabilitation robot.

BAMA Technology, one of Turkey’s exemplary “start-up” entrepreneur companies with its establishment and development, was established with the support of KOSGEB and TUBITAK and successfully completed its R&D projects with the support of the government. The company quickly commercialized the product it produced, successfully carried out import substitution in the domestic market, and expanded abroad.

The company’s overseas activities started with the European market. In this context, RoboGait devices started to be used in clinics in Poland, Romania and Hungary. RoboGait has recently succeeded in entering the US FDA Approved Medical Devices List. The company will very soon be in the US medical devices market with RoboGait.

Most patents generating company

BAMA Technology rapidly develops its product range with new designs, develops new technologies in the field of biomechanics and offers them to the use of the healthcare industry.

The company has won many technology awards with its products. Ranking 33rd in the TOBB Turkey 100 Fast Growing Companies List in 2020, BAMA Technology has achieved the success of being the company that produces the most patents among the entrepreneur companies of the last 10 years.

Restores the ability to walk

RoboGait was developed as a robot-assisted gait rehabilitation system used to regain and develop this ability in cases of traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, stroke, loss of walking ability due to neurological or orthopedic reasons.

This method has an important place in early rehabilitation. A combined treatment is aimed by activating the non-functional lower extremity in a natural gait pattern and activating the neuronal pathway.

While traditional locomotor therapy is a method that requires two or three physiotherapists through parallel bars and requires intensive power, RoboGait offers an effective treatment method that can be applied by a single user.

The RoboGait executive orthosis is designed to be used for pediatric and adult patients. The therapy process can be continued with the same module for children without using any extra mechanism during pediatric connections. With the use of a single module, the therapist gets rid of the tiring and power-based orthosis module replacement and can take care of more patients in a shorter time.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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