Turkish startup Co Print completed its ₺10 million crowdfunding round target in 7 minutes

3D printing technologies startup Co Print completed its crowdfunding investment tour with a target of ₺10 million in a record 7 minutes.

Co Print, the first Turkish startup to receive the “Project We Love” badge given to selected projects by the US-based Kickstarter, received an investment of ₺20.8 million in a crowdfunding investment tour with a target of ₺10 million in the crowdfunding platform fonbulucu. In accordance with the legislation, a maximum of 120% of the targeted investment can be used. This tour, which was completed in only 7 minutes, broke new ground.

The startup, which broke the crowdfunding record of that period by receiving ₺3 million investment from 1,587 investors in its first investment round last year, this time is breaking a new record in a very short time with the supply of 11% of the company shares. The tour, which was planned to continue until February 2, 2023, was completed in only 7 minutes and made a great impression.

In the Kickstarter campaign, which was completed last year, Co Print had pre-sales of 400 units and 200 thousand dollars in 30 days to 64 different countries. At the end of its subsequent sales, the majority of which were exports, it reached more than 600 customers all over the world with three different products in less than a year. Strengthening its team in the fields of production and business development after its investment tour at fonbulucu in December 2021, Co Print received many national and international awards, especially the Innovation Award given by Tom’s Hardware, with the product it developed. After this tour, the company will evaluate the current developments in the 3D printer industry and present its new products to the market, which accelerated its R&D studies.

Speaking about his goals after the investment round, Co Print Co-Founder Fatih Kazim Duymaz said, “If we are successful in this second investment round on the fonbulucu platform, we will launch our Co Print Lite product to the global market in the second quarter of 2023 with a minimum $400 thousand campaign on the Kickstarter platform. Then, we will achieve rapid growth in the market through our global dealership and distributorship network that we are currently developing for our Co Print product. When we reach the third quarter of 2023, we aim to complete our Co Print 3D printer project, which has been our target from the very beginning, in 2023 with the consultancy of Baykar, which we are proud to support, and plan its mass production and launch at the end of the year. By doing all these, we will represent Turkiye and Co Print in the best way in the 3D printer industry.”

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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