Turkish stock exchange opens Thursday looking up

BIST 100 index rises by 31.50 points from previous close

The Turkish benchmark stock index opened Thursday at 10,518.20 points, rising 0.30 or 31.50 points up from the previous close.

On Wednesday, Borsa Istanbul’s BIST 100 index plunged 1.81% to 10,680.50 points with a daily transaction volume of 82.1 billion liras ($2.50 billion).

The US dollar/Turkish lira parity was 32.8775 as of 10.01a.m. (0701GMT),the EUR/TRY rate stood at 35.2673, and the GBP/TRY rate was 41.5628.

The price of one ounce of gold was $2,311.45, and the barrel price of Brent oil was around $84.29.

Source: aa

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