Turkiye: $2.3 billion export from the automotive industry

Turkiye’s automotive industry exported $2.3 billion worth of products in August. Exports to Germany, the largest market, increased by 4% and reached $323 million.

According to the statement made by the Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters’ Association (OIB), the automotive industry, which has been the leading sector of Turkiye’s exports for 16 consecutive years, reached$ 2 billion 269 million in August with a decrease of 6% compared to the same period of the previous year.

The share of the sector, which ranks second in the country’s exports, from the total exports of August 2022 was 10.6%.

Automotive industry exports increased by 4.3% in the January-August period, reaching $19.6 billion. In the same period, the average monthly export was recorded as $2.45 billion.

12% increase in supply industry exports

Exports of the supply industry, which is the largest product group in August, increased by 12% compared to the same month of the previous year and reached $1 billion 67 million.

Last month, exports were realized as $628 million with a decrease of 4% in passenger cars, $297 million with a decrease of 50% in motor vehicles for transporting goods, and $133 million in the bus-minibus-midibus product group with an increase of 13%.

Exports increased by 16% to Germany, which is the most exported country in the supply industry, 23% to the USA, one of the most important markets, 16% to Russia, 23% to France, 48% to Spain, and 17% to Poland. There was a 33% decrease in Morocco and 27% in Romania.

In passenger cars, exports increased by 48% to Spain, 23% to Italy, 60% to Poland, 63% to Israel and 186% to Morocco. There was a 27% decrease in exports to the United Kingdom, 38% to Germany, 30% to Slovenia, and 79% to the USA.

In motor vehicles for transporting goods, exports decreased by 49% to the United Kingdom, 80% to Slovenia, 64% to Italy, 47% to France, and 67% to Belgium. It was recorded that there was an export increase of 339% to the USA and 465% to Australia.

In the bus-minibus-midibus product group, exports decreased by 17% to France, increased by 172% to Germany, 850% to Italy, and 353% to Portugal.

The export of tow trucks among other product groups increased by 54% and reached $106 million.

Exports to Germany, the biggest market, increased by 4%

In August, exports to Germany, the largest market, increased by 4% to $323 million.

Exports to France, the second largest market, decreased by 3% to $251 million, and to the United Kingdom by 31% to $204 million. Exports increased by 44% to Spain, 27.5% to the USA, 16% to Poland, 190% to Austria, 26% to Portugal and 71% to Czechia. Exports decreased by 10% to Italy, 29% to Belgium, 59% to Slovenia, 12% to Morocco and 14% to Romania.

In August, %1 billion 431 million were exported to the European Union countries, which is the largest country group with a 63% share in automotive exports. Compared to August 2021, exports decreased by 26% to other European countries, increased by 22% to North American Free Trade Area countries and increased by 26% to Middle Eastern countries last month.

Evaluating the data, OIB Chairman of the Board Baran Celik said, “Despite the decline experienced last month, our exports exceeded the August average, which was generally below $2 billion. The most exported product group in August was the supply industry. We also recorded a double-digit increase in the supply industry and the bus-minibus-Midibus product group. Our exports to Spain, the USA and Poland also increased by double digits.”

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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