Turkiye: 2 million 750 thousand tons of cotton harvest is expected

A yield of 2 million 750 thousand tons is expected in cotton planted on an area of approximately 550 thousand hectares throughout Turkiye this year.

National Cotton Council (UPK) Research and Advisory Board Member Prof. Dr. Cafer Mart said that the cultivation area of cotton, which is a very strategic product, has increased this year.

Stating that every element of cotton, from its fiber to its seed, is a raw material for different sectors, Mart continued as follows:

“Last year, 2.25 million tons of unseed cotton was purchased from the product that was cultivated on 432 thousand hectares of land throughout the country. This year, around 550 thousand hectares of cultivation area was realized and we expect 2 million 750 thousand tons of unseed cotton from here. This corresponds to 1 million tons of fiber. Cotton is used as a raw material in nearly 30 industries. It makes a serious contribution to the economy, especially in the production of oil, seed, pulp, gunpowder and textiles.”

Developed 8 native seed varieties

Mart stated that important studies have been carried out to develop cotton, which is a raw material for many sectors, and to increase the variety of seeds.

Stating that 8 local seed varieties have been developed with the studies carried out at the Progen Tohum R&D Station in Hatay, Mart said that 10 thousand tons of seeds produced annually are sold to the country and abroad.

Stating that the demand for domestic seeds is very high, Mart said, “We export seeds to countries such as Greece, Spain, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, and the demand is increasing every year.” he said.

Mart noted that they continue to work to increase the quality and cultivation area of cotton, which is important in every aspect.

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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