Turkiye and Indonesia Set Sights on $10 Billion Trade Goal

Ambassador Kucukcan Highlights Strong Bilateral Relations and Upcoming Initiatives

Talip Kucukcan, Turkiye’s Ambassador to Indonesia, announced ambitious plans to increase the trade volume between Turkiye and Indonesia to $10 billion in the coming years. Currently standing at approximately $1.5 billion, the trade volume is expected to grow significantly as both G-20 nations enhance their economic cooperation.

Speaking at a recent event, Ambassador Kucukcan emphasized the strong and historic ties between the two countries. Turkiye was among the first nations to recognize Indonesia’s independence, and this longstanding friendship will be celebrated in 2025, marking 75 years of diplomatic relations.

The ambassador highlighted the significant increase in economic relations in recent years, noting, “As of today, the trade volume between Turkiye and Indonesia is around $1.5 billion. Our goal, as G-20 member countries, is to elevate this to $10 billion in the coming years, and we are actively working towards this.”

Educational and cultural exchanges also play a crucial role in strengthening ties. With 4,500 Indonesian students currently studying in Turkiye, these educational connections are seen as a vital soft power resource. The establishment of a Turkiye Studies Center at Indonesia University, supported by the Maarif Foundation, is expected to further enhance academic and cultural understanding between the two nations.

The Yunus Emre Institute in Indonesia, which offers Turkish language courses, has seen overwhelming demand, indicating a strong interest in Turkish culture. Turkish TV series are widely watched in Indonesia, further deepening cultural connections.

Ambassador Kucukcan also pointed out the significant interest in Turkiye’s defense industry. Indonesia closely follows Turkiye’s technological advancements and defense products, seeing Turkiye as a model due to its reduced dependency on foreign defense technologies. The strategic partnership in defense is anticipated to grow stronger in the coming years.

In 2022, during a summit in Bali, Turkiye and Indonesia established the “High-Level Consultation Council,” set to convene in the first quarter of 2025. This council will bring together presidents and ministers from both countries to discuss and sign agreements across various sectors, including politics, economy, culture, security, technology, and education.

Ambassador Kucukcan concluded, “We believe that the relations between our two countries will continue to strengthen significantly in the coming years, driven by mutual interests and shared goals.”

This growing partnership, with a focus on reaching a $10 billion trade volume, reflects the dynamic and evolving relationship between Turkiye and Indonesia, poised for significant economic and cultural advancements.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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