Turkiye and Kyrgyzstan Launch Ambitious E-Commerce and E-Export Initiative

PTTeM Partners with Kyrgyz Post and Eldik Bank to Expand Regional and Global Market Reach

Turkiye and Kyrgyzstan have taken a significant step towards enhancing their e-commerce and e-export capabilities with a groundbreaking collaboration between PTTeM, Kyrgyz Post, and Eldik Bank. This initiative, designed to cover not only the two countries but also the broader region, aims to elevate local and regional products to global markets.

In a statement, PTTeM General Manager Hakan Cevikoglu highlighted the transformative impact of technology and internet proliferation on consumer shopping habits and expectations. “In Turkiye, one in every five purchases is made online, and one in every twenty orders is exported internationally,” he noted.

The partnership will leverage advanced e-commerce, e-export logistics, and technology platforms developed by PTTeM across Kyrgyzstan and neighboring countries. This includes comprehensive end-to-end services such as procurement, handling, customs clearance, and distribution, supported by 24/7 multilingual customer service.

The agreement was formalized in a signing ceremony attended by Kyrgyz Post General Manager Marat Cherikchiev, Eldik Bank Chairman Nogaev Ulanbek Melisovich, and PTTeM General Manager Hakan Cevikoglu.

Cevikoglu emphasized PTT’s commitment to advancing Turkiye’s e-commerce and e-export sectors, drawing on its extensive logistical network and international transport expertise. “We enable Turkish SMEs and brands to sell their products to countries like Australia, China, India, Russia, South Africa, the UK, Brazil, and the USA,” he said.

This initiative is expected to significantly boost e-commerce and e-export activities in both Turkiye and Kyrgyzstan, contributing to the growth of local markets while expanding their presence in global markets.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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