Turkiye and Malaysia Sign Agreement on Technical and Logistical Support for Military Aircraft

Defense Ministries of Both Nations Collaborate to Enhance Maintenance and Support for A400M, S-70A, CN-235, and C-130 Aircraft

The Turkish Ministry of National Defense (MSB) announced a new agreement between Turkiye’s ASFAT and Malaysia’s AIROD for technical and logistical services for several military aircraft. The “Cooperation Framework Agreement” covers the A400M, S-70A, CN-235, and C-130 aircraft and was signed in the presence of Turkish Defense Minister Yasar Guler and Malaysian Defense Minister Mohamad Hasan bin Nordin.

This strategic partnership aims to enhance the maintenance and operational readiness of these critical aircraft fleets. The collaboration underscores the commitment of both nations to strengthening their defense capabilities through shared expertise and resources.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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