Turkiye became the 4th country with the highest number of tourists in the world

While 963 million people traveled in 2022, the total amount of expenditure was $1 trillion 12 billion. Hosting 50 million 450 thousand visitors, Turkiye became the 4th country with the highest number of tourists.

The UNWTO report on world tourism data for 2022 has been announced. In 2022, it was observed that the worldwide tourism activity remained 34% behind the pre-pandemic 2019.

According to the report, 963 million tourists traveled around the world in 2022.

France is in first place

France ranked first with 80 million visitors, Spain took the second place with 71 million 660, and the USA took the third place with 50 million 870 thousand. Turkiye ranked fourth after the USA with 50 million 450 thousand tourists.

Other countries in the top 10 hosting the most tourists in the world; Italy 49 million 810 thousand, Mexico 38 million 330 thousand, England 30 million 540 thousand, Germany 28 million 460 thousand, Greece 27 million 840 thousand and Austria 26 million 210 thousand.

In the report, tourism revenues were announced as $1 trillion 12 billion in 2022, while the average tourist revenue per capita was measured as $1051.

Tourism revenues of countries

Tourism revenues by country in 2022 are listed as follows:

US $2,658, England $2,232, Germany $1108, Spain $1017, Italy $890, France $850-900, Turkiye $816, Austria $732, Mexico $731, and Greece $669.

While Turkiye ranks 7th in the average tourist income per capita, a 44% increase was observed compared to the average of $567 in 2018. Compared to the average of 890 in 2021, there was a decrease of around 8%.

Mediterranean were preferred by tourists

According to the report, 67% of 963 million tourists preferred European countries. 16% preferred America, 10% Asia, 7% Middle East, 5% Africa.

Analyzing UNWTO’s 2022 report, Antalya City Council Tourism Working Group President Recep Yavuz pointed out that while some regions in the world are approaching the pre-pandemic numbers, some regions still cannot compensate for their losses, “Especially Asia could not recover. The most visited holiday region in the world was the Mediterranean with 28%. Western Europe followed with 17% and North America with 11%.”

Vacation expenses increased

Drawing attention to the reasons for the increase in tourism expenditures and per capita tourist revenues, Yavuz said, “While the increasing fuel prices and high inflation due to the succession of the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war have been reflected in the products of holiday countries, the per capita holiday expenditure of the tourist has naturally increased. This was reflected in per capita tourist income in holiday destinations. As the price increased, the holiday expense increased.”

Saying that the 2022 data, the year in which the tourist got out of the pandemic and headed for a holiday, is also important in terms of shedding light on the next holiday trend, Yavuz emphasized that the style and economy of the holiday has now changed. Yavuz noted that after the pandemic process that was effective in 2020 and 2021, 2022 is a kind of rebirth of tourism.

Americans travelled the most

The report also includes the citizens of the countries that send the most tourists in the world.

In 2022, the USA ranks first with 114 million 900 thousand people, China is second with 114 million 800 thousand people, and Germany is third with 89.4 million people. Other countries in the top 10 are France 47.7 million, Italy 26.3 million, Canada 24.4 million, Spain 21.4 million, Russian Federation 20.3 million, South Korea 19.9 million, Ukraine 19.8 million.

Turkiye ranks 39th in the list with 4.1 million people traveling abroad.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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