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Turkiye: Bodrum hotels offer jobs to earthquake victims

Nearly 8,500 earthquake victims came to the Bodrum district of Muğla following this month’s deadly earthquakes in Türkiye’s south.

Noting that 2,800 of the earthquake victims were staying in 66 hotels in the province, Ömer Faruk Dengiz, president of the Bodrum Hoteliers Association (BODER), said: “If the earthquake victims want to work in Bodrum, our door is always open. Our earthquake victims can be employed according to the work they want to do in coordination with İŞKUR [Turkish Employment Agency]. In this process, we hotels are also ready for employment.”

Ömer Faruk Dengiz, president of the Bodrum Hoteliers Association,said the district had been mobilized for the earthquake victims.

“First of all, we have been trying to meet the accommodation needs of our earthquake victims,” he said.

“Around 2,800 earthquake victims are staying in hotels. 66 hotels have allocated more than a thousand rooms in total. Since Feb. 6, when the great earthquake struck, the first thing we did was to meet the accommodation needs of the earthquake victims. Since then, under the coordination of the Bodrum District Governor’s Office, we have been continuing our efforts to meet the basic needs of the earthquake victims. Currently, shelter is being provided in coordination with Muğla AFAD [Disaster and Emergency Management Agency].”

Noting that migration from the earthquake zone has decreased in recent days, Dengiz said that earthquake victims whose houses were slightly damaged have begun to return to their hometowns. Emphasizing that all hotels have mobilized to support the earthquake victims staying in the city, Dengiz said, “We have made a common menu. The hotels are providing three meals to the earthquake victims with their own cooks or volunteer cooks. Food supplies are provided by the district governor’s office.”

According to Dengiz, hotels in Bodrum are making business plans to contribute to the employment of earthquake victims.

“We are not wondering when our earthquake victims will leave,” he said.

“The bed capacity in Marmaris, Fethiye and Bodrum is full. AFAD is making referrals to other regions. Everyone in Bodrum is mobilized,” said Dengiz.

“If our citizens from the earthquake zone want to work in Bodrum, our door is always open. With the guidance of İŞKUR, applications will be accepted.”


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