Turkiye: Close to 4 million tourists visited Cappadocia

In the January-November period of this year, 3 million 970 thousand 909 visitors visited the museums and ruins in Cappadocia.

In Cappadocia, which is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List and known for its natural, historical and cultural riches, the activity experienced in tourism is also reflected in the number of visitors.

The museums and ruins, which hosted 2 million 160 thousand 483 visitors in the 11-month period of last year, reached 3 million 970 thousand 909 visitors with an increase of 83% in the January-November period of this year.

According to the share made by Nevsehir Governor’s Office regarding the number of visitors to museums and ruins in the region, August was the busiest month with 652 thousand 921 visitors.

88 thousand 677 tourists visited the museum and ruins in January, 83 thousand 432 in February, 133 thousand 166 in March, 247 thousand 459 in April, 477 thousand 757 in May and 381 thousand 761 in June. 479 thousand 860 tourists visited in July, 652 thousand 921 tourists in August, 571 thousand 960 tourists in September, 510 thousand 947 tourists in October and 342 thousand 969 tourists in November.

Goreme Open Air Museum became the most popular tourism center with 1 million 4 thousand 666 visitors in 11 months.

”A geography with a different beauty in every season”

Tourist guide Elif Durdu, who explained the region to foreign guests at Goreme Open Air Museum, stated that tourism in the region continues for 12 months and that the region attracts attention from local and foreign tourists because of its different values.

Stating that people who could not travel during the fight against COVID-19 increased their mobility in tourism this year, Durdu said, “Cappadocia is a geography that has a different beauty in every season, both in terms of history and nature. There are visitors from all over the world.”

Tourist guide Ufukcan Atceken, who accompanied the tourists visiting the region, said that Cappadocia is an important tourism center especially for the Western world, and tourists from different geographies of the world are hosted.

Emphasizing that hot air balloon tours also increase the preference of the region, Atceken said, “The reason why Cappadocia attracts so many tourists is because of its different natural beauty. You cannot see these structures when you go to another volcanic area. The main attraction of the region for tourists are fairy chimneys and churches.”

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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