Turkiye: Deposits of the banking sector increased to ₺10 trillion 719.5 billion

The total deposits of the banking sector increased by ₺139.6 billion in the week ending June 2 to ₺10 trillion 719.5 billion.

Weekly money and bank statistics were published by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkiye (CBRT).

Accordingly, total deposits in the banking sector (including between banks) increased by ₺139 billion 562 million 507 thousand in the week ending June ₺2 to 10 trillion 719 billion 460 million 904 thousand.

In the same period, TL deposits in banks decreased by 0.9% to ₺6 trillion 136 billion 325 million 381 thousand, and foreign currency (FX) deposits increased by 4.1% to ₺4 trillion 124 billion 276 million 94 thousand.

While the total FX deposits in banks were $210 billion 134 million last week, $175.5 billion of this amount was collected in the accounts of residents.

Looking at the change in the total FX deposits of domestic residents, a decrease of $1 billion 50 million was observed as of June 2, adjusted for the parity effect.

The amount of installment commercial loans increased

Consumer loans in deposit banks decreased by 0.2% last week to ₺1 trillion 292 billion 968 million 54 thousand. In the same period, commercial loans with installments increased by 1.3% to ₺1 trillion 21 billion 122 million 599 thousand, and the balance of credit cards increased by 2.8% to ₺1 trillion 26 billion 388 million 862 thousand.

Of the consumer loans in deposit banks, ₺395 billion 213 million 151 thousand consisted of housing, ₺63 billion 437 million 270 thousand for vehicles and ₺834 billion 317 million 633 thousand of other loans.

The total loan volume of the banking sector, including the CBRT, increased by ₺117 billion 45 million 230 thousand in the week ending June 2 and reached ₺8 trillion 921 billion 389 million 324 thousand. Total loan volume increased by 50.7% compared to the same period of the previous year.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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