Turkiye: Domestic investor’s fund investment size broke a record

While the desire of investors to diversify their portfolios, which started in the post-pandemic period, became more widespread, the size of fund investments in Turkiye broke a record with ₺514.8 billion.

Globally high inflation, recession, geopolitical risks and concerns about the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, which has not yet ended, keep the uncertainties about the economies on the agenda.

While this situation affects the decision-making mechanisms of investors while evaluating their savings, it is noteworthy that the classical understanding of foreign exchange and gold investment has shifted towards stocks and funds in recent years.

According to the information compiled from the Central Registry Agency (MKK) data, the number of investors investing in funds in Turkiye continues to increase.

The number of fund investors reached 3 million 317 thousand

Accordingly, the number of fund investors, which was at the level of 3 million 140 thousand in September last year, reached 3 million 317 thousand with an increase of 5.6% in the same period of this year. In this period, the fund portfolio size of investors increased from ₺223.7 billion to ₺514.8 billion.

Thus, as of September, the fund investment size in Turkiye has reached a record level by almost 2.5 times.

The largest share in the fund investment belongs to the local

Of the fund investments, the size of which reached ₺514.8 billion as of September, in Turkiye, ₺507.1 billion was made by domestic and ₺7.7 billion by foreign investors.

Thus, as of September, 98.5% of total fund investments in Turkiye were held in the portfolio of domestic investors.

In this period, 3 million 153 thousand 291 of the 3 million 295 thousand 116 domestic investors who made fund investments consisted of real persons, 131 thousand 382 legal entities and 10 thousand 443 other persons. The number of foreign people making fund investments in Turkiye was 21 thousand 407.

As of September, the size of the fund investments of the locals, who are real persons, reached ₺293.8 billion. This figure was at the level of ₺147.1 billion in September of last year.

The highest fund investment is from Istanbul

It is noteworthy that the majority of domestic investors with fund investments in Turkiye are from Istanbul, and as of September, the size of fund investments in the city reached ₺333.5 billion. The number of people with fund investments in Istanbul reached 674,000 as of September.

After Istanbul, the cities with the most fund investments were listed as Ankara with ₺52.7 billion, Izmir with ₺29.1 billion and Bursa with ₺10 billion.

The majority of fund investors are in the 50-60 age group

Considering the age distribution of domestic investors investing in funds, it is seen that the 50-60 range stands out.

Accordingly, as of September, the 50-60 age group constituted the majority of domestic investors with the highest amount of fund investments. The total fund portfolio size of the people in the mentioned age group stood at ₺80.5 billion.

While the fund portfolio size of domestic investors in the 60-70 age group exceeded ₺65 billion, this figure reached ₺60 billion in the 40-50 age group.

On the other hand, as of September, the fund accumulation for the 0-20 age group of parents who invested in the future of their children exceeded ₺1 billion.

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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