Turkiye Emerges as Global Leader in Leather Garment Production

Cengiz Sarigul, President of the Turkish Leather Garment Manufacturers Association (TDKD), highlighted Turkiye’s exceptional quality in leather garments, stating, “No matter which famous brand you think of, their products are produced by our manufacturers in Turkiye.”

The Leather & Fur Fair, organized by TDKD at a hotel in Belek Tourism Center, Antalya, brought together 70 domestic companies and 1200 foreign buyers from 20 countries.

At the fair, TDKD Chairman Sarigul emphasized Turkiye’s strong position in leather apparel. He noted that while Russia was previously the primary export destination, this year has seen increased sales to the USA and European countries. Sarigul asserted that the products made in Turkiye are of significantly higher quality than those of global competitors.

Sarigul further stated that local companies not only create their own brands with unique designs but also produce for foreign brands. “Leather production in Turkiye is unique in the world. We are number one globally. We provide top-quality service both as a garment and as a leather tannery. Whatever famous brand you think of, their products are produced by our ready-made garments in Turkiye.”

Genuine Leather: A Healthier Alternative to Harmful Artificial Leather

In a recent statement, Cengiz Sarigul, President of the Turkish Leather Garment Manufacturers Association (TDKD), expressed concern over the preference for synthetic products, commonly known as artificial leather, in Turkey.

“Artificial leather is made from a product that is harmful to people’s bodies,” Sarigul stated. “In Turkiye, people prefer synthetic products, but genuine leather products are much healthier. We produce the highest quality products and the newest models. We wear what Turkiye produces to the world, but our own people wear artificial leather. This pains us.”

Sarigul emphasized the natural and sustainable nature of genuine leather production in Turkiye, highlighting that no animal is specifically killed for leather garments. Instead, they utilize the by-products of animals slaughtered for meat, contributing to recycling and reducing waste. “We produce a completely natural product,” he added, reinforcing the benefits of genuine leather over artificial alternatives.

Turkish Leather Industry Produces for Top Global Brands

Gurkan Gozmen, Member of the Board of Directors of Istanbul Leather and Leather Products Exporters Association (IDMIB), highlighted a significant challenge in the domestic market: the public’s lack of awareness about quality and fashion due to inadequate promotion.

Despite this, Gozmen emphasized that the Turkish leather sector does not compromise on quality and closely follows new trends. He noted that Turkish leather products are not only sold to cold countries but also to hot countries like Saudi Arabia, offering different models to suit various climates.

“Local companies in leather apparel have established strong connections with world-famous brands,” Gozmen said. “Our sector, which produces for top brands, has set up its complexes especially in the Zeytinburnu region. They produce for high-end brands, not lower-end ones, with products starting at 3-5 thousand euros.”

Gozmen underscored that Turkiye has become a production hub, particularly in leather garments. He urged citizens to choose real leather garment products, advising that with proper research, they can find high-quality and healthier leather garments at very affordable prices.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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