Turkiye eyes $1.5 billion in flour exports

The 2024 wheat harvest in Türkiye has been projected to reach around 20 million tons, with a target for annual flour exports set at $1.5 billion, a sector representative has announced.

Last year saw the highest wheat harvest in recent years, but this year, rainfall has decreased, especially in Central Anatolia, leading to a decline in the harvest, said Mehmet Mesut Çakmak, the vice president of the Turkish Flour Industrialists’ Federation (TUSAF) and president of the Southeastern Flour Industrialists’ Association (GUSAD).

However, he expressed high expectations for production in the Southeastern Anatolia Region.

“We expect a 10 percent increase in wheat production in our region this year, as the rainfall average was very good,” he said.

“This year, 65 percent of the crop in our region consists of durum wheat. The world’s best durum wheat is grown in our region.”

Çakmak emphasized the need for farmers to have greater access to government support.

“The government increases its purchases every year to support farmers,” he noted.

“The Turkish Grain Board [TMO] purchased 13.5 million tons of wheat last year. We expect purchases to continue increasing this year. There is not much stock in the market right now. This year, no one has the chance to stock up due to high interest rates.”

Çakmak also highlighted Türkiye’s success in flour exports. “Türkiye has been the world champion in flour exports for 15 years. I think we will close the year with $1.5 billion.”

Çakmak expressed his satisfaction regarding the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry’s recently announced 2024 TMO grain purchase prices and differential payment supports.

“We welcome the decision to set the 2024 bread wheat base price at 11,000 Turkish Liras per ton, including the differential payment,”he said.

“We believe that this decision will provide significant support to our producers and increase sustainability in the sector.”

Source: hurriyetdailynews

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