Turkiye: Furniture, paper, and forest products exports reached $7.7 billion

While the exports of the furniture, paper and forestry products sector increased by 22.4% in the period of January-November, reaching $7.7 billion, this figure was recorded as the annual record of all time.

According to the information compiled from the data of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), Turkiye’s exports increased by 14% in the January-November period to $231 billion.

In this period, the increase in exports in the furniture, paper and forest products sector reached 22.4%. The export sales of the sector surpassed the entire last year with $7.7 billion.

In the 11 months of the year, the country to which the sector exports the most was Iraq with $937.95 million. There was an 8.1% increase in exports to this country.

Iraq was followed by Israel with $443.1 million, the United Kingdom with $410.4 million, Germany with $312.95 million, the USA with $312.86 million, and Libya with $271.6 million. Iran, France, Bulgaria and Russia were among the most exported countries.

Increase in exports to Russia and India

In the countries that are among the main markets of Turkiye’s furniture, paper and forest products exports, the highest increase was in Russia with 163.8%. Exports to this country exceeded $191.9 million.

In the 11 months of the year, the rate of increase was 107.9% in India and 90% in Qatar, 60.7% in Tunisia, 59.8% in Italy, 57.3% in Uzbekistan, 56.9% in Greece, 55.1% in Serbia, 51.6% in Romania, 50.7% in the TRNC, among the countries to which more than $50 million were exported.

“Thanks to the right planning, our export growth has continued since the beginning of the year”

Erkan Ozkan, President of Istanbul Furniture, Paper and Forest Products Exporters’ Association, said that the export success of the sector, which constantly updates itself and keeps up with the times, continues thanks to the correct planning they have made since the beginning of the year.

Expressing that they have surpassed the $6.99 billion export figure they achieved in the whole last year in 11 months, Ozkan said, “The primary goal of our sector, which continues the opportunities in front of it, is to end the year with an export of over $8 billion. We are hopeful for this as well because the approaching New Year and increasing demands all over the world show that there are no obstacles in front of us to reach this goal.”

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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