Turkiye Is Bankasi announced the new generation banking application Nays

Aiming to make finance-oriented transactions quickly and easily, Turkiye Is Bankasi introduced its new application called Nays.

Turkiye Is Bankasi has announced the Nays application, where users can easily meet their daily needs in financial transactions. Nays, with its innovative interface, fun and gamified experience, and advantageously offering shopping and money transfer needs in daily life, was introduced at a press conference attended by Isbank Deputy General Manager Sezgin Lule.

At the meeting, what kind of value proposition and which user groups Nays covers, and the roadmap for the future were shared with the participants in detail. With the new application Nays, where everyone can register easily and free of charge, it is aimed to increase financial inclusion in our country, to reach those who are not yet involved in the financial system and especially the young people who seek an innovative experience in their daily financial transactions.

1 million users in 6 months

With its brand, design language and features, Nays offers a fun, gamified experience for basic daily banking transactions that distinguishes the communication tone from banking jargon. It stands out with its free money transfer, digital prepaid card, flexible borrowing for low amount of instant cash needs and advantageous shopping features.

Nays, the first version of which took its place in the application markets as of June 21, 2022, has reached more than 1 million users by being adopted by those who are keen on innovative products and follow innovative products and services closely.

“It will make it easier for different segments in our country to access financial services”

Turkiye Is Bankasi Deputy General Manager Sezgin Lule stated that the bank, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2024, has made significant innovations to become the bank of the future that creates sustainable value. He emphasized that he has started to establish and expand the platforms of the future in the fields of e-commerce, payment services, open banking and B2B marketplaces.

Lule explained that Nays was launched in a short period of 9 months with the aim of creating an application that has a simple and understandable experience for daily banking needs, can be downloaded and used immediately integrates with the digital ecosystems of today and the future, provides easy access to advantageous financial products and services.

Stating that they define Nays as “a reliable and fun finance application that saves time and money for its users”, Lule summarized the features of the application that make a difference in the market:

“Nays provides a distinctive user experience compared to its peers. The application also stands out with its feature of earning gift money as you use it. It is possible to borrow flexibly and easily from Nays for short-term, urgent needs. The application provides a sense of trust with Isbank behind it.”

Lule said, “In the next period, we will continue to add value to the lives of our users beyond financial opportunities. We believe that Nays, which facilitates the access of different segments of our country to financial services, will make an important contribution to the digitalization of cash use in our country to reach a higher level.”

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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