Turkiye Leads Investments in Tatarstan, Strengthens Halal Market Presence

Participation of Turkish firms in growing halal market is crucial, Tanju Bilgic tells Anadolu on sidelines of KazanForum

Türkiye has made significant investments in Tatarstan, becoming the country’s largest investor at a time when Russia is seeking to strengthen its ties with Muslim nations, said the Turkish ambassador to Russia.

Noting that Tatarstan is one of Russia’s gateways to the world, Ambassador Tanju Bilgic told Anadolu that several investors are attracted to the capital Kazan.

“Russia is trying to improve its relations with Muslim countries through Kazan and Tatarstan,” Bilgic told Anadolu on the sidelines of the 15th international economic summit Russia-Islamic World: KazanForum 2024, which will run through May 14 to 19 with Turkish global news service agency Anadolu as its global communications partner.

“Türkiye also has several investments in Tatarstan and (is) actually the biggest investor in the country,” he said. “We have an investment of about $2.5 billion. One third of Türkiye’s investments in Russia are in Tatarstan, in the Kazan region.”

Highlighting Russia’s substantial Muslim demographic, Bilgic noted the steadily growing market for halal products.

The participation of Turkish companies in the halal market is crucial, Bilgic said, adding that their presence at fairs dedicated to halal product producers is of significant importance.

Noting that the country is one of the most economically developed republics of Russia, Bilgic referred to the presence of oil, automotive and aircraft industries in the country.

He emphasized that numerous Turkish firms have established a presence in the country, actively pursuing business opportunities with Russia via Kazan and Tatarstan, with Türkiye’s full support.

Noting that the number of events and participants in the forum is increasing day by day, Bilgic said that Türkiye’s Deputy Minister of Family and Social Policies Leman Yenigun was also in Kazan.“We are also representing Türkiye with many different companies,” he said.

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