Turkiye: More than 165,000 people visit Rami Library in a week

Rami Library, revived from the 250-year-old artillery barracks in Istanbul, has hosted more than 165,000 people in the first week of its opening.

Having a seating capacity of 4,200 people and a capacity of 2.5 million books, the library was visited by 38,000 people on the first day.

More than 165,000 people visited Rami Library in the first week.

While there was great interest in the library from Istanbulites,many residents from other provinces came to the city to visit Rami.

Visitors stated that the library provides a quite convenient environment for studying.

“It is easy to access, and the environment is very nice. Our desire to work is increasing here,” a student stated.

“Rami has specialized book collections in 10 different categories starting from the age group 0-3, an area where manuscripts can be repaired and the Atatürk Research Specialized Library’s section,” stated Osman Zorlu, the general coordinator of Rami Library.

“We offer free tea, soup and cakes to our guests twice a day. We are distributing free text books to our students. At the same time, we provide unlimited and free internet service,” Zorlu explained.

“Since the garden of the library is designed as a public garden, we will leave the door open. Our citizens will be able to use it whenever they want,” he stated.

Rami Library, the largest library in the country, was designed as a large campus with 24-hour free study and reading halls, a disabled-friendly section, group and individual study halls and children’s and adult library sections.

The library also has a 51,000-square-meter garden.

In this garden, amphitheaters, reading areas, stages, children’s playgrounds, exhibition areas, as well as a walking and cycling path are located.

Rami is also the first library in Turkiye with a sustainability certificate.


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