Turkiye produces locomotive engine with homegrown design

Engine can produce up to 2,700 horsepower, run on biofuels, says statement

Turkiye has produced its first locomotive engine using a domestic design, according to an official statement on Friday.

The diesel locomotive engine was made in a project by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkiye (TUBITAK), said the Industry and Technology Ministry.

Designed and produced in just four years, the engine is able to produce up to 2,700 horsepower and has three different models.

The engine family, which can also run on biofuels,will feature competitive fuel consumption that does not exceed global emission limits.

Its unique design could potentially use hydrogen as fuel, according to TUBITAK chief Hasan Mandal.

Minister Mustafa Varank said the first type of engine, is capable of 1,200 horsepower and can be used in land vehicles, railway cars, marine vessels, and power generators.

He said all parts of the engine were developed in Turkiye and that 90% of the parts were manufactured domestically.


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