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Turkiye, Qatar cooperating on 2022 FIFA World Cup

The World Cup “reflects the strength of our friendship,” Turkiye’s communications director told a panel organised by the directorate.

Turkiye and Qatar are two brotherly countries that have succeeded in overcoming difficulties on the world stage by showing strong cooperation and common will, Turkish Communications Director Fahrettin Altun has said.

The statement came in a video address to the Turkiye-Qatar Nation Branding panel in Doha on Saturday. The panel was organised by the communications directorate as part of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

“The 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will start today with an opening ceremony that will be attended by our President, also reflects the strength of our friendship,” Altun said in his address.

“In accordance with the protocol for the implementation of the letter of intent between the Turkish and Qatari governments on Cooperation in the Fulfillment of Large-scale Organisations, we are working together to ensure the safe completion of FIFA 2022,” he added.

Over 3,000 Turkish police and security personnel have been assigned to conduct a joint security operation with their Qatari counterparts for the event.

A future shaped by cooperation

Brotherly relations between Turkiye and Qatar have a long and productive future shaped by cooperation, Altun said, underlining that both countries are striving to achieve success together while improving their relations in every field.

He also stated that bilateral relations continued to strengthen especially in the areas of regional security and defence, while also in health, trade, investment, energy, civil aviation, tourism, culture and education.

Altun also elaborated on the importance of the panel,stating that a communication-based transformation is taking place in the international system, where the brand identity of countries has taken a central position in economic and political relations.

He emphasised that the nation branding is of critical importance for countries to realise the ideals and values they defend, adding that every diplomatic step determines and reinforces the status of countries.

Turkiye, as part of its political stance of assuming responsibility for the common good, has undertaken great duties in the establishment of stability in the region and in the world, Altun said.


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