Turkiye Ranks Among Top 5 Global Tourism Destinations

Turkiye’s Unprecedented Tourism Growth Propels It to the Forefront of Global Rankings

Turkiye has cemented its position as one of the world’s top five tourism destinations, according to the World Tourism Organization. Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy highlighted this achievement during a press conference at the Samsun Museum, held to inaugurate the Samsun Culture Route Festival.

Minister Ersoy emphasized the strategic importance of Samsun in Turkish tourism, particularly in the Black Sea region. He stated, “Turkiye has made significant strides in visitor numbers, tourism revenue, product diversity, facility development, infrastructure, sustainability practices, market diversity, and year-round tourism activities. These achievements are the result of close collaboration between public and private sector stakeholders. Together, we will ensure the continuity of our successes.”

“The World’s Largest and Most Comprehensive Festival”

Minister Ersoy noted that Turkiye’s cultural and artistic achievements extend beyond tourism. He pointed out, “From record-breaking audience numbers and awards in various art forms to successful international exports in concerts, exhibitions, theater, opera, and ballet, Turkiye is making waves in the arts sector. Our cultural centers and museums, recognized with numerous awards, have become international architectural landmarks. Our efforts to repatriate cultural artifacts taken abroad illegally have been highly successful. The Turkiye Culture Route Festival is a testament to these achievements and aims to sustain and enhance them. It is the world’s largest and most comprehensive festival, now part of the European Festivals Association, and continues to set records every year. Samsun is now an integral part of this grand vision, blending culture, art, and tourism.”

Ersoy highlighted the festival’s diverse offerings, including concerts, opera, and ballet performances, featuring prominent artists such as Oguzhan Koc, Buray, and Can Bonomo, among others. He also announced the world premiere of the opera “Shahmeran” in Samsun.

“15 Festival Gourmet Stops”

Gastronomy is a key feature of the festival, with 15 gourmet stops where visitors can taste and learn about traditional local flavors. The festival also includes discussions and panels with Turkish cinema legends such as Ediz Hun and Turkan Soray, offering insights into the history and evolution of Turkish cinema.

Ersoy addressed the recent operational halt by Germany’s FTI Group, one of the largest tour operators. He assured that the Turkish government swiftly organized the safe return of over 25,000 FTI guests currently in Turkiye. Efforts are underway to redirect future bookings, with new promotional campaigns launched in Germany to minimize cancellations and maintain Turkiye as a preferred destination.

Ersoy concluded by wishing success to students taking the university entrance exam and inviting them to relax and enjoy the festival after their exams. The press conference was attended by notable officials including Samsun Governor Orhan Tavli, TBMM Plan and Budget Commission Chairman Mehmet Mus, and Samsun Mayor Halit Dogan.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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