Turkiye ratifies 8 international agreements

Separate deals with Jordan, South Sudan, Ecuador, North Macedonia, Kyrgyzstan, Congo, Senegal, Rwanda come into effect

Turkiye’s president approved agreements with eight different nations in various fields, including trade and security, published in the country’s Official Gazette on Tuesday.

One the treaties that came into force was on trade and economic cooperation with South Sudan.Under it, the two countries agree to cooperate on promoting trade and economic ties based on equality and mutual benefit.

A deal on security cooperation with Ecuador was also ratified, aiming to “develop bilateral relations.” According to the accord, the parties will cooperate on technical assistance, training, and equipment to tackle “acts of international terrorism and organized crime.”

Separately, an agreement with Jordan on air services, signed in 2016 in the Jordanian capital of Amman, also came into effect. It said the parties agree to “promote their mutual relations in the field civil aviation” and “promote an international aviation system based on competition among airlines.”

A memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the field of water with North Macedonia was also approved, along with a protocol on media and communication with the West African nation of Senegal.

Sustainable forestry was the focus of a separate treaty with Congo. Besides the strengthening of ties between two countries, it envisaged to “increase, expand and improve cooperation in sustainable forestry management.”

Another agreement was between Turkiye and Kyrgyzstan, seeking to boost cultural cooperation, while with Rwanda, a treaty was approved to promote and strengthen ties via cooperation in the field of sports.


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