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Turkiye: Real estate sales decreased by 29% in April

Real estate sales in Turkiye in April decreased by 29% compared to March.

Last month, 214 thousand 947 real estate sales transactions were made in Turkiye. ₺4 billion 338 million 172 thousand 341 title deed fee income was obtained from these transactions.

Sales transactions consisted of 83 thousand 347 residences, 38 thousand 17 land, 68 thousand 760 fields, 8 thousand 546 workplaces and the rest of other immovable properties.

These transactions, which were recorded in April, decreased by 29% compared to March, when 277 thousand 496 real estate sales were made.

Istanbul is in the first place

Among the 10 provinces with the highest number of sales transactions, Istanbul ranked first with 23 thousand 397.

Istanbul was followed by Ankara with 16,307, Izmir with 12,228, Antalya with 9,115, Bursa with 8,401, Konya with 7,412, Tekirdag with 6 thousand 580, Kocaeli with 6 thousand 441, Balikesir with 5 thousand 862 and Mersin with 5 thousand 553 followed.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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