Turkiye: Record in electricity generation from wind

Wind power plants made up 25% of the total electricity production in Turkiye yesterday.

Turkiye’s wind energy electricity generation reached an all-time high with 204,375 megawatt-hours yesterday, while the share of wind in total electricity generation was 25%.

Wind power plants ranked first with a 25% share in production. Imported coal with 24.7% and lignite plants with 14.9% followed by wind power plants.

Thus, electricity produced from wind energy in Turkiye reached an all-time high with 204,375 megawatt-hours. The latest record in electricity generation from wind was recorded on April 2 as 203,6-megawatt hours.

Daily consumption was 826 thousand 281 megawatt hours yesterday. The highest electricity consumption occurred at 12.00 with 40 thousand 116 megawatt hours, and the lowest consumption was at 05.00 with 25 thousand 690 megawatt hours.

Yesterday, 18 thousand 576 megawatt-hours of electricity were imported and 9 thousand 591 megawatt-hours of electricity was exported.

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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