Turkiye: Togg to sell pre-order rights with NFTs

Turkiye’s local electric car Togg, which has made its digital platform Trumore available on the App Store, Google Play and App Gallery, offers 2023 NFTs specially prepared for the 100th anniversary of the republic with the auction it will launch through this application.

Users who own one of the 2023 special NFTs designed by Güvenç Özel and Mehmet Ünal will be eligible to participate in the pre-order for one of the 2023 “100 Year Special Series” Togg vehicles,which will be produced specially for the 100th year of the Republic of Turkiye.

For NFTs that will be sold on the Trumore platform and can be purchased with AVAX, purchases can be made by entering the listing screen in the “NFT Purchase Platform.” If the highest bid is placed on the NFT of interest during the auction, the pre-order right will belong to the bidder.


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