Turkiye: Top restaurant group calls for discounts to ‘revitalize sector’

The leading association of restaurateurs in Türkiye has urged its member businesses to offer a 10 percent discount on their menus in a bid to “revitalize” the dining sector.

The call to action followed a visit to Trade Minister Ömer Bolat by the All Restaurants and Tourism Professionals Association (TÜRES), during which an assessment of current prices in the sector was conducted.

TÜRES head Ramazan Bingöl announced the discount initiative after a board meeting held subsequent to the visit.

“We are calling on TÜRES members and the sector to make a 10 percent discount on all menus or part of the menus in order to revitalize the sector again,” he said.

Bingöl said the initiative will “break the perception of the high prices”in the catering.

“The support of TÜRES members and our sector to this call will have a positive impact on the citizens,” he added.

In April, social media users began a boycott of restaurants and cafes to protest rising prices, leading to varied responses from consumers and business owners. While some establishments in Istanbul saw a decline in patronage, others experienced long queues of customers.

Social media activism has spotlighted examples of inflated bills and comparisons between food prices in Istanbul and foreign cities, fueling public discontent. Restaurant and cafe owners attribute price hikes to soaring rent and utility costs.

Media reports say many characterize the inflated prices at dining establishments as “pretextual and opportunistic,” extending beyond economic woes attributed to inflation.

In response, Trade Minister Bolat announced plans to increase penalties for exorbitant price hikes to 800,000 liras.

Source: hurriyetdailynews

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