Turkiye: Unified Fuel Pricing Implementation Begins Tomorrow

The Board’s decision regarding the sale of EMRA’s differentiated fuel products at the same price at stations comes into force. In this context, prices will be updated in 13 thousand dealers as of tomorrow.

According to the Board decision of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA), as of tomorrow, no price difference will be applied to the sales made at fuel stations for the same type of fuel, whether differentiated or not.

At fuel stations, products will not be sold at different prices with expressions such as “95 octane gasoline and diesel, ultra force, power, fuelsave, VMax, VPro”.

In the statement made by EMRA, it was stated that distributor license holders can continue to sell differentiated fuel, but these features will not change the price.

Regarding the decision, which aims to prevent uncertainties for consumers and facilitate the operations of distributors and dealers, the statement said, “With approximately 13 thousand dealers in Turkiye, the fuel needs of consumers are met with the highest service and quality standards. Quality monitoring is continued uninterruptedly at fuel dealers with the Fuel Quality Monitoring System and at fuel oil filling terminals with the Warehouse Fuel Quality Monitoring System.”

EMRA stated that distributor license holders can add various additives to improve the properties of fuels, provided that they do not exceed 0.5%, and noted that no change has been made in the obligations of distributor license holders to inform EMRA and obtain the necessary permits regarding the additives to be used for this process.

“Financing costs of fuel stations will decrease”

Commenting on the said decision of EMRA to the AA correspondent, Petroleum Products Employers’ Union (PUIS) Chairman Imran Okumus said, “This decision of EMRA will slightly reduce the financing costs of fuel stations in a period when the financing cost is very high.”

Okumuş stated that fuel dealers are going through a difficult period economically and said, “Dealers are making a loss on every liter of fuel they sell, with or without additives. We have conveyed our request to increase dealers’ profit shares to all levels of our government and we are following the process closely. We are following up on our demand that the profit shares of the dealers, who work for pennies but whose costs increase as a percentage, should also be percentage-based.”

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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