Turkiye: Vehicle registrations increased 10 percent last year

The number of vehicles registered to traffic in 2022 exceeded 1.26 million, increasing by more than 10 percent compared to the previous year, data from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) have shown.

The total number of registered vehicles was 26.4 million in 2022, of which 53.9 percent were automobiles, 16.2 percent were pick-up trucks, 15.6 percent were motorcycles, 7.9 percent were tractors, 3.5 percent were trucks, 1.8 percent were minibuses, 0.8 percent were buses and 0.3 percent were special-purpose vehicles, according to the bureau.

Compared to previous year, the number of vehicles registered to traffic increased by 10.1 percent last year and approached 1.27 million, and the number of vehicles de registered decreased by 17.1 percent to 35,585.

Of the 566,280 automobiles registered to the traffic last year, 70.1 percent were gasoline, 18 percent diesel, 8.5 percent hybrid, 2 percent LPG and 1.4 electric.

As of the end of the last year, 36.9 percent of the 14.2 million cars registered to the traffic were diesel, 35.1 percent LPG, 26.8 percent gasoline, 0.9 percent hybrid and 0.1 percent electric.The rate of cars with unknown fuel type was 0.2 percent.

More than 30 percent of the cars registered to the traffic last year had a cylinder volume of 1,300 cc or less, 27.2 percent had 1,401-1,500 cc, 24.4 percent had 1,301-1,400 cc, 9.3 percent had 1,501-1,600 cc, 5.8 percent had 1,601-2,000 cc and 0.8 percent had 2,001 cc and above.

The bureau’s statistics revealed that 39.6 percent of cars registered last year were white, while the average age of registered vehicles was 14.8 years and that of handed-over vehicles was 13.2.


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