Turkiye: Villagers from country’s south send Christmas wreaths to Europe

Villagers in the southern provinces of Antalya, Isparta and Burdur have formed a $10 million business by exporting Christmas wreaths to Europe, an official has said.

“Each year, some 3 million Christmas wreaths have been sent to Europe. Such a nice number,” İsmail Yılmaz, the head of Central Anatolian Ornamental Plants Exporters (OAİB), told Demirören News Agency on Dec. 13.

The first export of Christmas wreaths to Europe took place in the 1990s by a German woman living in Antalya, and since then,organized villagers have been collecting plants from the mountains and making handmade wreaths.

“Europeans hang these wreaths on their outer doors or decorate their dining tables,” Yılmaz said.

When asked which plants are used to make wreaths, he answered, “Gale, juniper, wild strawberry, pine cone, arceuthos drupacea, dried eggplant, cranberry, rose hip and winter grape.”

Highlighting that these wreaths are exported to all European countries, Yılmaz especially pointed out the Netherlands, calling it “their biggest market.”


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