Turkiye: Wedding dress shops implement try-on fee

As the wedding season kicks off, bridal boutiques are overwhelmed with customers lined up to pick their dream wedding dress, but that has also promoted many to mull charging try on services charge.

Wedding dresses often get damaged by customers trying them on, leaving boutique owners to grapple with repairs or markdowns on their merchandise.

The decision comes as the capital Ankara’s Chamber of Tailors and Confectioners addresses the rising number of fittings driven by both brides-to-be and curious women.

Muhittin Köksal, the head of the Ankara Chamber of Tailors and Confectioners Tradesmen and Craftsmen, announced that the fee aims to manage the increased traffic in shops and preserve the quality of dresses.

With the start of the wedding season in June, the number of wedding dress fittings has significantly increased. Not only those getting married but also those curious about wedding dresses are rehearsing, Köksal said.

The fee will be deducted from the price if the dress is purchased,ensuring that sBoutiqueerious buyers are not financially penalized.

While some shopkeepers support the new practice as a necessary measure, others worry it might deter potential customers.

Source: hurriyetdailynews

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