Turkiye Welcomed 12.6 Million Visitors in the First Four Months of the Year

Turkiye hosted a total of 12,678,959 visitors in the initial four months of this year, with Germany leading as the primary source of visitors.

According to data from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the January-April period of 2024, 10,654,094 of these visitors were foreigners.

Additionally, statistics from the Turkish Statistical Institute show that 2,024,865 Turkish citizens residing abroad visited Turkiye during the last three months, contributing to the overall visitor count.

Compared to the same period last year, there was an impressive 11.75% increase in the number of foreign visitors.

Germany emerged as the top country sending visitors to Turkiye during the first four months of the year, with a notable 16.20% increase and 1,122,930 visitors. Russia followed closely behind with 1,078,294 visitors, while Iran recorded a remarkable 51.78% surge, with 946,437 visitors. Bulgaria and England rounded up the top five.

In April alone, foreign visitor numbers to Turkiye saw an 8.71% rise compared to the previous year, reaching 3,611,244.

Once again, Germany dominated as the leading source of visitors in April, with 434,863 arrivals. Russia and England followed suit, with 396,155 and 330,112 visitors, respectively. Bulgaria and Iran completed the top five.

Turkiye’s tourism sector demonstrates continuous growth, indicating an upward trajectory in its success throughout 2024.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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