Turkiye: World’s Largest Tour Boat Launched

The ‘Big King’, whose construction was completed in Antalya and which is the largest tour boat in the world, weighing a thousand tons, was launched.

The tour boat named ‘Big Kral’, which started to be built in the shipyard in Manavgat district of Antalya, was completed in 15 months.

World’s Largest

Built by Hasan Cavusoglu, the boat has the distinction of being the largest tour boat in the world.

The tour boat, which has a capacity of 1,163 people,has a weight of one thousand tons and will work with 50 personnel.

Cost 130 Million Turkish Liras

The construction of the tour boat, which cost 130 million liras, was completed in 15 months.

After the sacrifice accompanied by prayers, the boat was lowered into the water.

Tours Will Start in the Summer

The interior decoration and design of the boat, which will be completed on the water in the summer, is aimed to be put into service in the summer season.


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