Turkiye’s 4th drill ship in transit

Other 3 drill ships, Fatih, Kanuni and Yavuz, currently operating in Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea

Turkiye’s fourth drill ship for hydrocarbon exploration is on its way to Turkiye, Fatih Donmez, the minister of energy and natural resources, said late Monday via Twitter.

“Our fourth drilling ship, anchored in South Korea, will be in Turkey in about two months,”Donmez said.

The vessel, with seventh-generation advanced technology, has a maximum operating depth of 3,600 meters, a tower height of 104 meters and a crew capacity of 200.

Turkiye currently has three drill ships, Fatih, Kanuni and Yavuz, operating in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

To date, drilling has yielded 540 billion cubic meters of output from the Black Sea.

Natural gas flow from the Sakarya Gas Field is expected to reach the natural gas processing facility to be established in the Black Sea coastal town of Filyos in 2023.


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