Turkiye’s current account gap to reach nearly $7B in January: Survey

Current account gap projections for January ranged between $2.35B and $8B in Anadolu Agency survey

Turkiye’s current account balance for January is projected to see a deficit of $6.97 billion, according to an Anadolu Agency survey on Tuesday.

The forecasts of a group of 26 economists ranged between $2.35 billion and $8 billion.

The Turkish Central Bank will release the monthly figures for balance of payments on Friday.

In December,the current account balance posted a $3.84 billion deficit, bringing the 12-month rolling deficit to $14.9 billion.

Meanwhile, the survey showed the end-2022 current account balance is forecast to see a deficit of $26.52 billion, with the lowest estimate at $15 billion, and the highest at $35.2 billion.


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