Turkiye’s first hydrogen village “HyVillage” is on the way

Within the scope of the hydrogen village project, it is aimed to mix natural gas with hydrogen in certain proportions and to deliver the mixed gas to the residences, process test laboratory and central heating system test laboratory.

GAZBIR-GAZMER Project and International Relations Manager Mehmet Serif Sarikaya stated that the “HyVillage (Hydrogen Village)” project, which will be the first hydrogen field application in Turkiye, will be implemented after the approval processes. He said that this is a strategic step in terms of guiding the hydrogen strategy in Turkiye in terms of technique and legislation and shaping the future of hydrogen studies.

Sarikaya made evaluations to the AA correspondent regarding the hydrogen studies carried out at the GAZBIR-GAZMER Clean Energy Technologies Center for the first time in Turkiye.

Pointing out that the “HyVillage” project is important in terms of technically and legislatively guiding the hydrogen strategy in Turkiye and shaping the future of hydrogen studies, Sarikaya said that within the scope of the project, it is aimed to mix hydrogen with natural gas at certain rates and to deliver the mixture gas to the residences, process test laboratory and central heating system test laboratory.

Sarikaya stated that the area where the residences and structures will be built will be designed as a hydrogen production and mixing station to be used in the surrounding neighborhoods after the completion of the project, “In this way, it is aimed to ensure the sustainability of the project. Legislation, cost and technical reports will be prepared with the data obtained as a result of the project. With this study, integrated gas and electricity network modeling studies will be carried out.”

“Successful results were obtained in the studies of mixing hydrogen with natural gas”

Emphasizing that there are two completed and one ongoing projects within the scope of hydrogen injection into the natural gas network, Sarikaya said, “At GAZBIR-GAZMER Clean Energy Technologies Center, up to 5-10-15-20% hydrogen and 95-90-85-80% natural gas were mixed proportionally for test purposes and burned for test purposes. Successful results were obtained after the tests carried out over 500 hours.”

Sarikaya said that according to the results of the project of mixing hydrogen into natural gas systems, hydrogen can be mixed with natural gas by a maximum of 20% (equivalent to 6% natural gas) by volume in the distribution networks without the need for a significant change in the current natural gas internal installations and combustor devices.

Emphasizing that another aim of this project is to determine the maximum rate of hydrogen use in existing natural gas distribution systems, Sarikaya said, In this context, it has been concluded that up to 20% of hydrogen can be used without the need for any change in the existing natural gas distribution systems in Turkiye. For 100% hydrogen use in residences, we need changes in some domestic devices such as combi boilers, meters, stoves, and infrastructure.”

Hydrogen R&D project in industry to be completed in 2024

Sarikaya explained that at GAZBIR-GAZMER Clean Energy Technologies Center, R&D studies for domestic use of natural gas and hydrogen mixture have been successfully completed and they have made significant contributions to the hydrogen ecosystem in Turkiye.

Stating that R&D studies for the use of hydrogen in the industry continue with the same engineering team, Sarikaya said:

“Hydrogen offers alternative ways to evaluate renewable energy sources in a low-carbon energy future. In particular, the use of heavy-duty hydrogen with high carbon emissions offers serious advantages.Reducing emissions from the heavy industry sector and directly integrating more renewable electricity may be possible with hydrogen. At this point, some technical transformations are needed for the use of hydrogen in heavy industry. In this context, we carry out the necessary tests for the use of the composite gas obtained by mixing hydrogen with natural gas in certain proportions under medium pressure conditions, in gas equipment used in the industry and in industrial combustors, with the hydrogen use project in the industry we have carried out. We continue our efforts to make the hydrogen and natural gas mixture usable without requiring significant changes in the existing industrial combustion equipment. We plan to complete this R&D project in 2024.”

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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