Turkiye’s LPG Exports on the Rise in Response to Global Demand Surge

EPDK Report Shows Exports Increased by 1.52% to Reach 416,117 Tons

Turkiye’s liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) exports rose by 1.52% last year, reaching 416,117 tons compared to the previous year. According to the annual LPG sector report by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK), the total LPG production by refinery license holders decreased by 16.4% to 920,122 tons.

Last year, Turkiye exported LPG to 17 different countries and regions. The top five export destinations were Switzerland, Lebanon, Romania, Bulgaria, and Tunisia. Additionally, Austria and Djibouti were newly added to the list of export destinations. The main export activities were conducted through the customs offices of Isdemir, Körfez Petrochemicals, Iskenderun, and Aliaga.

On the other hand, LPG imports by refinery, distributor, and processing license holders increased by 21.49% last year, totaling 3,893,751 tons. The imports came from 13 different countries and regions, with Algeria, the USA, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, and Nigeria being the top five import sources.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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