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Turkiye’s official unemployment rate surpasses 10 percent

The unemployment rate according the broad definition of unemployment was 20.3 percent, the TurkStat figures showed.

Turkiye’s unemployment rate was 10.1 percent in September, up by 0.3 points from the previous month, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat) figures released yesterday (November 10).

The number of unemployed persons increased by 120,000 in a month to reach 3.48 million,the figures showed.

According to the broad definition of unemployment rate, termed as “labor underutilization rate by TurkStat, was 20.3 percent, increasing by 0.4 percentage points in a month.

The rate was 16.3 percent among men and 27.6 percent among women.

The number of unemployed persons according to the broad definition was 7.51 million, according to the calculation by the Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions of Turkey Research Center (DİSK-AR) based on TurkStat data.

The broad definition combines time-related underemployment, potential labor force and unemployment.

The unemployment rate in the 15-24 age group increased by 1.2 percentage points in a month to 19.6 percent.

In this age group, the unemployment rate was 16.5 percent among men and 25.4 percent among women. (SD/VK)

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