Turkiye’s picturesque Cappadocia expects record tourism this year

Over 870,000 tourists visit Cappadocia in first 4 months this year, according to Ministry of Culture and Tourism

The number of tourists hosted by Turkiye’s picturesque Cappadocia region in the January-April period has increased compared to the same period of last year, which is considered a record year for the region.

Cappadocia, a UNESCO world heritage site located in the central province of Nevsehir, became a popular destination worldwide in recent years thanks to its distinctive volcanic cones known as fairy chimneys, atmospheric underground cities, hot-air balloon trips, houses carved into rocks, and churches, chapels, and shelters used in the early years of the Christian faith.

The number of visitors to museums and ruins was recorded as 174,222 in January, 99,389 in February, 168,223 in March, and 429,142 in April – 870,976 in total.

While over 4.1 million tourists visited Cappadocia last year,Goreme Open Air Museum, Zelve Ruins, and Kaymakli Underground City were among the most attractive places.

In the first four months of this year, 229,337 tourists visited Goreme Open Air Museum, 211,772 tourists visited Zelve Ruins, and 114,779 tourists visited Kaymakli Underground City.

According to the data of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the number of visitors to the tourist centers in the region was recorded at 552,734 in 2022, 271,999 in 2021, 322,894 in 2020, 774,341 in 2019, and 705,149 in 2018.

“Our region is a unique geography. It is a region that has no alternative in the world. It is becoming a center of attraction every year,” Mehmet Akturk, mayor of Urgup district, told Anadolu.

It seems that the number of visitors this year will surpass the last year as well, he added.

Abdullah Inal, an official from Cappadocia Tourism Region Infrastructure Service Union, said tourists from China and Japan will begin to arrive in the second half of the year.

“There are good developments in the South Korean market, when we look at the numbers, we can say that there is a serious increase. However, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico are irreplaceable to us. They come to our region for 12 months, and they keep us alive, but there is not much change in numbers. China and Japan will affect us very positively,” he added.


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