Türkiye’s Togg leads EV market nationwide in H1

Togg’s T10X reaches 36.53% market share in electric vehicles in 2024, followed by BMW, Tesla

Türkiye’s Togg led the electric vehicle (EV) market in the first half of the year, having sold 13,000 units, making up 36.35% of the EV market.

The Turkish carmaker’s fully electric C-segment SUV, the T10X, sold over 9,000 units more than its closest competitor, Tesla Model Y, which sold a little over 3,000 units, according to data compiled by Anadolu from the Turkish Automotive Distributors Association.

Togg’s sales were followed by BMW, whose EV models sold over 3,800, and Tesla, which sold 3,008 units in the first six months of the year.

South Korean KGM, formerly known as SsangYong, sold over 2,500 units coming in fourth, and Mercedes-Benz sold 1,925 units in the same period.

The most sold EV model in January-June was Togg T10X, followed by Tesla Model Y, KGM Torres, the BMW 5 Series, and BMW X1.

Total automobile and light commercial vehicle sales in Türkiye climbed 3.7% year-on-year in the first half of 2024, reaching over 577,900 units sold.

As for EVs, the number of all-electric vehicles sold was over 35,600 units in the same period, up 233.1% on an annual basis, making up 7.7% of all automobile sales.

Meanwhile, some 22.5% of the vehicle sales were made up of extended-range EVs, hybrid vehicles, and electrical motorbikes, in addition to purely electric vehicles.

Last month, total EV sales reached a little over 8,000, with Tesla coming on top with over 2,600 units sold, followed by Togg with 1,733, BMW with some 800, KGM with over 400, and Mercedes-Benz with 393 units sold.

Source: aa

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