Turkiye’s tourism income for the next year is expected to be $50 billion

It is expected that Turkiye’s tourism income for the next year will be $50 billion, the number of visitors 58.8 million and the average expenditure per visitor $850.

Tourism targets were also included in the Presidential Annual Program for 2023, published in the duplicate issue of the Official Gazette.

In the program, which will be carried out under the responsibility of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, information on activities, promotion and tourism data carried out in different tourism branches was included, and the objectives and targets for the next year were listed under the headings.

Accordingly, it is aimed to diversify and develop tourism in line with the changing consumer trends and technological developments, to extend the season, to increase the quality of service and to attract visitors who have a tendency to spend more.

Increasing the duration of accommodation and non-accommodation expenditures, realizing a transformation in the sector specific to each destination, and contributing to economic and social development by considering the protection-utilization balance are among the objectives.

Expected to spend $850 per visitor

Tourism revenue, which is expected to exceed $41 billion by the end of this year, is set as $50 billion for 2023, while the number of visitors is expected to approach 60 million.

In the program, which is expected to increase the average expenditure per visitor to $850, the average stay is aimed at 11.9 nights and the income per visitor at $71.4 per night.

Work will be done for the Far East market

Within the scope of the annual program, advertising campaigns and promotional activities will be carried out with tour operators to increase the number of visitors from the Far East market, which includes China, India, Japan and South Korea.

Studies will be carried out with relevant institutions to analyze perception and market research in target market countries and the activities of competitor countries, and Turkiye will be promoted through people who have the power to influence public opinion in target markets.

The scope of the Main Crisis Action Plan will be updated to include conditions such as Covid-19 as well as other epidemics and war, and the Safe Tourism Certification Program will be made permanent.

Expenditure per capita will be increased by developing tourism types that generate more income, extending the length of stay, creating non-accommodation spending areas and reaching visitors with a high spending tendency.

The zoning plan for golf tourism will be rearranged

The works and procedures regarding the transfer of the savings rights of the immovables that are planned to be allocated within the scope of the tourism cities of Didim and Çeşme to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will be completed.

The development plan of Side Tourism Area for golf tourism will be rearranged, Bodrum Torba Waste Water Treatment Plant and related infrastructure facilities will be completed.

Activities will be carried out to increase the adaptation capacity and awareness level of the tourism sector to climate change, and pilot studies will be carried out in different tourism centers.

Opportunity to provide students with scholarships and internships

A National Strategy and Action Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change in Tourism will be prepared, and free public beaches will be built in the provinces of Antalya, Mugla, Izmir and Istanbul.

In line with the renewed protocol with the Ministry of National Education, 70 vocational and technical Anatolian high schools in the field of tourism will be matched with accommodation facilities, providing students with scholarships and internship opportunities.

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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