Türksat Set to Showcase National Satellite Solutions at CABSAT 2024 in Dubai

Expanding Horizons: Türksat’s Vision for Satellite Dominance Takes Center Stage at CABSAT 2024

Türksat Inc. is set to make a mark at CABSAT 2024, the prestigious broadcasting event in Dubai, where it will unveil its innovative domestic satellite antenna family tailored for specialized solutions. Highlighting Türksat’s extensive satellite coverage services and showcasing its national PeycON family antennas – HidrON, TerrON, MicrON, and AerON – the event at the Dubai World Trade Center from May 21-23 promises significant networking opportunities.

The company’s agenda includes pivotal discussions with global business partners, focusing on TÜRKSAT 5B, Turkiye’s formidable broadband communication satellite leveraging cutting-edge KA band technology.

With a strategic focus on enhancing its presence, particularly in the MENA region, Türksat aims to reinforce Turkiye’s position in the satellite services market across the Middle East and Africa. Through CABSAT 2024, Türksat aims to underscore its commitment to innovation and expansion, showcasing advancements such as the addition of 5A and 5B satellites to its satellite fleet and the broadening of its broadband satellite coverage area.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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