TURKTOB: Turkiye exports seeds to 132 countries

Turkish Seed Association (TURKTOB) Chairman of the Board Savas Akcan stated that they exported the domestic seed produced in Turkiye to 132 countries and said that they aim to increase seed exports to $250 million for 2023 and to increase imports to $190-180 million.

TURKTOB Chairman of the Board Akcan, In his statement to the AA correspondent in Antalya, where he came for the “Growtech 2022 International Greenhouse, Agricultural Technologies and Livestock Equipment Fair”, he said that despite the rumors that “there will be famine” in the world during the epidemic period, the plant production capacity in Turkiye increased by close to 6%.

Pointing out the importance of seed production in food independence, Akcan said that as the Turkish seed industry, they are fighting for the country and humanity, and that they are working to rank first in the world in production and export.

Import overtakes export for the first time

Explaining that there are good developments in seed export, Akcan said:

“Our seed exports are increasing day by day. We export seeds to 132 countries, mainly to the USA, France, Germany, China, the Netherlands, Spain and Chile. We have seed exports to all European countries, the Turkic Republics, Chile and Brazil. In exports, we stand out in summer greenhouse vegetable seeds, sunflower and wheat varieties. It is important that for the first time this year, our imports are ahead of our exports. They claim that we are constantly dependent on other countries as seeds, but the biggest proof is our exports. The support of our ministry is very important. Thanks to those supports, the industry has developed.”

Akcan stated that they realized $185 million of seed exports and $205 million of seed imports in 2021, adding that in the 9 months of 2022, seed exports were $150.8 million and imports were $137.8 million.

“We are working to be the world leader in seed production”

Akcan emphasized that the world has become global, they have learned how to trade, how to promote products, and now they have taken their place in the world market.

Expressing that the USA, France and China are in the first place in seed production in the world and Turkiye is in the 9th-10th place, Akcan said, “We have an undeniable success when we look at the surface area of other countries. Our goal in seed production is to be the world leader. We are working for this, we are fighting”

Akcan stated that they want to close this year with $230 million of seed exports and their imports to remain at a level not exceeding 200 million.

Noting that Turkish seeds are in demand from all over the world, Akcan said, “We want to increase our seed exports to $250 million in 2023 and to reduce imports to $190-180 million. Turkish seeds can compete with the world in terms of productivity. If you compare a product with its counterparts when buying. You prefer it by looking at its efficiency rate, being healthy and the high healthy values in its content. Turkish seeds have caught the world norms”

Akcan pointed out the importance of certified seed production in order to increase the amount of product obtained per unit area and added that they want to reach 1 million 400 thousand tons of certified seed production by the end of the year.

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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