Two games of domestic startup POW Games were bought by UK-based Matchingham Games for £10 million

Domestic mobile gaming startup POW Games announced that it has sold two games it has developed to UK-based Matchingham Games, its partner and publisher, for £10 million.

POW Games, the domestic mobile game startup founded by Seyhmus Olker and Burak Goncu in 2021 to develop hybrid casual puzzle games, announced that it has sold two games it has developed to its partner and publisher, UK-based Matchingham Games, for £10 million.

POW Games, which was established in 2021 to develop hybrid puzzle mobile games, has two different games called Food Match 3D and Tile Match: Home Design Puzzle. The company’s first game, Food Match, has reached more than 2 million users on iOS and Android platforms. Tile Match, which has been in soft-launch for a while, has a high income expectation due to the data it has reached and the success of games with similar mechanics.

POW Games consists of a team of 25 people. CEO and co-founder Seyhmus OLKER took the position of co-founder and COO at his previous venture, App Samurai, while CTO and co-founder Burak Goncu developed a mobile application ecosystem reaching over 200 million users in BGNmobi, of which he was the founder.

Matchingham Games, which has a total of 18 games in its iOS and Android game catalog, managed to reach over 250 million players with the games it published. Along with the games it has developed, the company also cooperates with other game studios globally.

Seyhmus Olker said that new games and adventures await POW Games from now on, and that they will be in front of the players with new puzzle games that will entertain millions of people in the coming days. Fatih Haltas, the founder and CEO of Matchingham Games, stated that Food Match and Tile Match differ from their competitors in terms of both ad display and in-game purchase metrics in the hybrid puzzle category; he expressed that they are very happy to have crowned the process they are in, from the development stage to the publishing process, with a nice purchase.

POW Games also signaled a possible investment round with new games in 2023.

Source: Webrazzi / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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