Uludag OIZ President: Our priority is energy and water investments

Uludag OIZ, which established a natural gas cycle power plant 10 years ago, commissioned the new steam center last month. Mayor Yunus Aydin explained that they have projects to invest in renewable energy and stated that they will definitely provide water recovery for the continuity of production in the region.

When Yunus Aydin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Uludag Organized Industrial Zone, took office in 2011, he reminded that the first demands of the industrialists were the solution to the electrical energy problems. He explained the process of electrical energy as follows; “One of the two solutions was to establish our own power plant and generate electricity, and the other was to connect directly to the transmission line. We first proceeded on the first road and agreed with an investor who will establish a natural gas cycle power plant with a power of 14 and then 21 MW in our region. According to the 10-year build-operate-transfer agreement, our power plant has worked and has been 10 years. Due to the high prices of natural gas, we closed the power plant at the beginning of this year. Because our electricity prices remained higher than other regions. Our power plant is currently operational. We are working on the commissioning of a download center for uninterrupted, high-quality and affordable supply of electricity.”


Emphasizing that Turkey’s organized industrial zones should take steps to establish their own renewable power plant, Uludag OIZ President Yunus Aydin said, “We have produced a hydroelectric power plant (HEPP) project, but we are waiting for it as there is no suitable environment for lending at the moment.

Again, on renewable energy, we conducted a feasibility study on a solar power plant in our region. When we use all the roofs in the region, we can meet 20% of the electricity we consume. The result was not feasible. However, it is our priority to create a stable and competitive structure in energy supply and supply.”


Yunus Aydin stated that as an organized industrial zone where textile companies are predominantly, there is a high water consumption and steam requirement due to dyehouses, and gave the following information about his studies on this subject; “With an investment of ₺60 million, we established our steam center in an equal partnership between the private sector and OIZ. We prevented each company from polluting the environment by preventing uncontrolled fuel and water consumption for individual steam needs. By meeting the steam need with our centralized controlled production, we have reduced the carbon dioxide emission at a high rate.”


“In Uludag OIZ, underground water consumption is intensive due to dyehouses. My childhood passed here. In the past, when a meter was dug, it produced water, now the groundwater has gone down to 200 meters at best. If this goes on like this, 10 years later, not a dyehouse will be able to work here. Therefore, as the OIZ management, we plan industrial facilities that will ensure the recycling of water. Our OIZ is a member of the Green Environment Wastewater Treatment Cooperative in Bursa. Our regional companies make wastewater discharges here. However, we have developed projects to establish and operate our own treatment facility and to subject the water that comes out of it to further treatment and re-use in production. We know that we have no other way of salvation. Our goal for this project is 2023.”

Mayor Aydin stated that they are making efforts to raise the sensitivity of water and air pollution to the highest point as a region that is mostly textile and is located in residential areas and said, “Our joint work with Uludag University on 6 OIZs in Bursa, air pollution and filter systems continues.”


Uludag OIZ President Yunus Aydin also said the following about the birth of Uludag OIZ and its infrastructure investments, which was established by the merger of Gursu Organized Industrial Zone and Kestel 2 Industrial Zone, “Kestel 2 industrial zone could not become an OIZ due to the improvement OIZ regulation, because it did not have the area and financial power to meet the 8% reinforcement area requirement. As Gursu, we were the OIZ, but due to around 870 small shareholders, expropriation, making and implementing a zoning plan is a big problem. We decided to unite as two border neighbors and Uludag OIZ was born. We have now completed the expropriations to create a physical connection between the two regions. In our Kestel 2 expansion zone, we have invested in separating the rainwater and sewer lines at the moment. We continue to take electricity lines underground. We will also renew the natural gas distribution network.”


Uludag OIZ President Yunus Aydin stated that they have completed 90% of the expropriations in the region and said, “We have fulfilled this condition and brought our region, which was at minus 47 thousand square meters in terms of 8% reinforcement areas 10 years ago, to a state with an area of 50 thousand square meters. With the ongoing expropriations, the OIZ will have a 100 thousand square meter land. We will bring these areas into investment. Our goal is to create a region that has solved its problems in 2023 and has an export of $1 billion.”


Explaining that they saw 28% of the production capacity in the region during the pandemic period and they could easily understand this from their electricity and natural gas consumption, Yunus Aydin said, “With the normalization, the capacity has reached 70%, we hope this will rise above 90% as soon as possible. We organized a virtual textile fair for the first time in Turkey at the beginning of November in order to contribute to our textile industry, which is intense in our region during the difficult period. We want to renew this fair, where we have obtained efficient results, this year.”


Emphasizing that the industry is experiencing serious difficulties especially in intermediate personnel, Uludag OIZ President Yunus Aydin said that they are working to implement a college project that will provide a technical training in the region. Aydin also stated that they signed a protocol with Bursa Technical University (BTU) and that they will establish an R&D center in Uludag OIZ until 2023.

Source: Hurriyet / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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