US dollar gains higher against the Turkish lira from the beginning of the year

The dollar / Turkish Lira exchange rate, which started the day at 7.20 level, exceeded 7.24 in the following hours reached the highest level of all time.

Global markets started the day with optimistic view, accompanied by US futures and Asian exchanges. while the in the domestic market all eyes are on the rise in dollars / TL rate.

According to T24 news the Turkish Lira started the week just above 7 liras per dollar and the exchange rate climbed up to 7.20 in the midnight After the Central Bank of Turkey’s dollar swap arrangements. The exchange traded above the 7.21 level in the early hours of this morning climbed to 7.2429 later.

The Euro / TL rate, which started the day at 7.80, rose to 7.8262.

news: / translated by BazaarTimes team


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