Vanora Ventures received an investment over $10 million valuation

Aiming to become Europe’s largest venture studio, Vanora Ventures received its first investment from TechOne VC.

As the technology partner of the startups included in its program, Vanora Ventures, with its experienced and wide team, aims to be the largest venture studio in Europe by providing services such as software development, design, analysis, strategy, research, development and project management that technology startups need.

Aiming to become Europe’s largest venture studio, Vanora Ventures received its first investment from TechOne VC over a $10 million valuation.

Vanora, which will incorporate startups with its “VON” and “GROVTH” programs, will provide financial resources to startups as well as being a technology partner.

With the “VON” program, startups at the idea and seed stage will be supported at important points such as team building, business model development, revenue modeling, product implementation, MVP creation, software development, creation of growth strategies and investment opportunities.

Announcing the “GROVTH” program for startups in the growth stage, Vanora Ventures will support startups in investment, growth, sales, marketing and all digital fields, as well as being the technology partner of participating startups. It will also commit $50,000 in capital to startups that complete these programs through their partners in the investment ecosystem in their search for financing.

Vanora Ventures, which aims to be a reliable partner not only for entrepreneurs but also for large scaled companies by ensuring the most accurate use of resources with its experienced team, in addition to new ventures, it is also a service provider for large-scale enterprises such as Vigo, Obilet, Momento and new products of global brands.

Vanora Ventures’ Founding Partners Abdurrahman Besinci and Can Uzum made a joint statement; “With Vanora Ventures, we aim to create a wide range of technology investment areas for both domestic and foreign capital and contribute to the ecosystem by adding more than 100 technology startups to our portfolio in 10 years.”

TechOne VC Managing Partner Yigit Arslan, who made a statement about their investment in Vanora Ventures, said, “Today, we observe that venture capital investors do not get the expected return on their investments when they support venture companies with only cash resources. For this reason, new perspectives that will support entrepreneurs end-to-end from the first day are discussed. It has been proven all over the world that Venture Studio structures, which offer different added values to entrepreneurial teams besides software development, make significant differences in the survival rates of early stage startups. Vanora Ventures investment is an indication of our belief that high added value and multipliers can be achieved in pre-seed and seed-stage investments in Turkiye and nearby geographies.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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