VavaCars launched VavaServis service for vehicle maintenance and repair

VavaCars, Turkiye’s first online second-hand vehicle trading platform, announced its VavaServis service for vehicle maintenance and repair.

VavaCars, the online second-hand vehicle buying and selling platform, has implemented VavaServis, which it has implemented for vehicle owners other than its own customers, brings the vehicles to zero kilometer setting with detailed operations such as testing, repair, maintenance and cleaning carried out in Turkiye’s largest expertise and renewal centers in Istanbul and Ankara.

All services from expertise to paintless repair under one roof

At Pendik Expertise and Renovation Center, which has an annual renewal capacity of 50 thousand vehicles and brings a great innovation to the second-hand automotive sector, operations such as paintless dent removal and mechanical maintenance of vehicles are carried out by an expert team. VavaCars has made a big difference in the sector by renewing more than 20 thousand vehicles at its facilities that combine second-hand vehicles’ expertise services, as well as washing, quality control, mechanical service, and paintless repair service under one roof.

“We changed the rules of the game in the second-hand car industry”

Underlining that they have added a brand new business model to the second-hand market with Pendik and Ergazi refurbishment centers, VavaCars Operations Group President Taner Timirci said, “We changed the rules of the game in Turkiye, where there was no such facility before, with our vehicle expertise and refurbishment center investment that we realized in Istanbul. Then we continued our investments by establishing a similar facility in Ankara Ergazi. At the expertise and renewal centers, which is the biggest innovation that VavaCars has brought to the second-hand automotive sector, the vehicles are offered to use after being subjected to a fully equipped service by our professional teams. Our facilities deliver second-hand vehicles, which have been “reset” in a way, to their users in a completely refurbished form.”

Integrated service for all vehicle owners

Emphasizing that they are very happy to provide vehicle service to everyone who owns a vehicle with the VavaServis project, Taner Timirci said: With this investment, we are happy to start offering high-quality service in car maintenance to all car owners, not just to our customers, to whom we sell or buy cars. Vehicle owners who want to benefit from our quality service at an affordable price can call the VavaCars call center and make an appointment for many of our services, including all periodic maintenance, repair, paint hood damage service and detailed cleaning.”

“We have invested millions of dollars”

Timirci stated that as VavaCars, they have redesigned the way in which consumers can buy and sell vehicles in Turkiye and instill a sense of trust in their customers, and said: “We have made a big difference in the sector with our integrated mileage guarantee, service maintenance, appraisal, loan and insurance services. One of the most important differences of our VavaCars warranty service is that we offer the repairs of the vehicles under warranty that we sell, with the privilege of an authorized authorized service network. Thus, the repairs of the vehicle within the scope of warranty are carried out with the precision of “new vehicle” with expert technicians, state-of-the-art equipment and original parts, without paying any fee difference. In addition, when the vehicle with VavaCars warranty service is sold, the warranty right is transferred to the new owner of the vehicle. This is another one of the important differences we have created in our field.”

On the other hand, underlining that they invested millions of dollars for the realization of both facilities, Timirci said that they will continue to contribute to both employment and the country’s economy as a reliable and inspiring sector stakeholder and brand that provides added value to the market.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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